How to get volumized hair naturally

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Everyone wants thick hair and big volume in their hair. If your hair is naturally straight then it does not look voluminous. But wait there are some hack, if we follow then we can make our hair full voluminous. Let's see what the hacks are.....

How to get volumized hair naturally

Use a conditioner before shampoo: 

Generally, we use shampoo first but now we have to apply conditioner on our hair before shampoo. Make sure you use conditioner only on ends of your hair and not on the scalp because if you use it on the scalp then your hair becomes freezy after few hours.

Lay down on the bed after hair wash :

When you washed your hair then cover your hair with a towel so that it absorbs the water from your hair. After that, you have to lay down on your bed and let your hair to dry. Make sure your hair is on the bed and does not fall down from the bed.

How to get volumized hair naturally

Comb your hair in opposite direction :

Normally, we comb our hair from front to back but if you wanna volume in hair then you have to comb hair from the back side. In this way, hair roots will stand to some extent and you will see the volume in hair.

How to get volumized hair naturally

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Change partition of hair :

Change your hair partition. If you make left partition then you have to make a right and vice versa. Don't make centre partition ever because hair with centre partition looks flat and volume-less.

Sleep with hair bun :

Make a high hair bun before going to bed. On the next morning, there is a great volume in your hair. If you feel some curl in your hair in the morning then just spray some water on the ends of your hair and comb.

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