Summer essentials

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Summer season means the season of sweat. Sharp sun rays make our body sweaty and even itchy. Skin glow fades away and it looks dull due to the sun. So, We have to take care of our skin and even our body in this season. Here I am going to tell you some summer essentials that will be beneficial for all of you :
Summer essentials

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  1. Keep Blotting papers in your bags. Blotting papers are handy to remove extra oil and shine.
  2. Always carry wet tissue papers.
  3. Keep your makeup natural so that it does not spoil your look after melting in hot.
  4. Always apply deodorant to avoid the bad smell of sweat before going outside and keep it in your bag too.
  5. Keep your skin products in the fridge so that they give you a cooling effect after applying.
  6. Do clean up, facial,manicure, pedicure etc to avoid suntan
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