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Today, I am going to talk about some food safety rules that if followed properly make your body healthy. If your food is full of nutrients, you are not overweight and feel energetic, you are not suffering from any serious illness, and most importantly your breakfast habits are good, then you are a healthy person.

                For a healthy life, your food should be safe to eat. You are, yes you are responsible to take care of your food safety. Here are many factors that can be related to food safety and must be beneficial for everyone.

Things to take care of when you are going to select your foodstuff
  • Choose fruits, vegetables, and pulses that are fresh.
  • Don't store the dough in the refrigerator. Even in refrigerator many bacteria produced in the kneaded dough. Knead the flour immediately before using it.   
  • Don't consume packaged food.
  • Wash all the foodstuff well before consuming.
  • Some foods are opposite in nature from each other, Don't eat them together. For instance, Do not drink milk with any salty food.
  • Take care of pesticides on vegetables or fruits when you are going to buying them. There is a whitish colored layer on foodstuff that is affected by pesticides.
  • Do not eat salad that is sliced hours before especially in any party or function. Such types of salad cause infection in the body.
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Keep an eye on utensils :  
  • Do not prepare or eat your food in the utensils that are made with copper or aluminum. It may cause a chemical reaction with food that leads to infection in the body.
  • Instead, use that is made of iron.
  • Avoid using plastic too in your kitchen because these plastic utensils are carcinogenic and contain elements that cause cancer in the human body.
Cooking Precautions :
  • Do not deep fry your food. By doing so, you kill all the nutrients. Keep your food light and simple.
  • Use separate utensils for preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.  

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