Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

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                        It is every girl's desire to look beautiful and to accomplish this everyone takes help of makeup. But the real beauty is behind that makeup on that you should have to concentrate. For this, you should have to follow some daily skin care routine. Here, I am going to tell you three basic skin care routine steps for which you do not need to go to the saloon to get that flawless skin. You can do it at your home by yourself. So...Let's see what are those skin care routine steps...
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Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

 Step 1: Cleanse

The first and foremost step is to cleanse your face in order to remove makeup or dust from your face. It is necessary to remove all the makeup you have applied. For this purpose, use cleanser according to your skin texture: 
  • If your skin is dry then you have to use cleansing creme. 
  • For normal skin, use cleansing milk.
  • If you have oily skin then use cleansing lotion or astringent lotion.
First, wash your face with face wash before applying cleansing milk/creme/lotion is known as double cleansing. This process removes any left residuals of dust etc. & make your skin clean and fresh.

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Tip: You can use vegetable oil, milk creme or any baby oil as a cleanser as these remove that makeup and dust and nourish your skin too.

Step 2: Tone

After cleaning, the next step that comes is toning. It is the mandatory step. so don't skip it at all. One question that arises in all of our minds is that when all the residuals of makeup, product and dust are removed then what is the use of toner? Actually, It closes skin pores that are opened during the cleansing process. It also hydrates and balances the skin's pH level. 
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Tip: You can use rose water and green tea as a toner. You can also apply ice on your face as it also closes the opened pores, so acts as a toner.

Step 3: Moisturizer

And here is the last step that is moisturizing. It is essential to moisturize the skin after cleansing and toning. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type:
  • To moisturize dry skin, moisturizing creme is best.
  • For normal skin, use moisturizing lotion.
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Tip: You can use Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer.
So, these are three basic steps of skin care routine that you can do at home. These steps should be followed twice in a day - once in the morning and once before going to sleep, for best results. Thanks for reading...💖💖💖xoxo...

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