Five Myths And Facts About Moisturizer

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Who does not want silky and smooth skin??? Everyone...right? To get such type of skin Just moisturizes it on daily basis. Many misconceptions are adherence to moisturizers that are total myths and You have to know the facts about moisturizers. I am going to talk about those myths and also tell you the truth behind them. So let's get started...

Five Myths And Facts About Moisturizer

  • Myth 1: Only dry skin needs moisturizer.

          Fact: All skin types need moisturizer. Daily pollution, sun rays and dirt damage your skin. So, you have to apply moisturizer after taking bath.

  • Myth 2: Oily and pimple prone skin do not need moisturizer.

          Fact: If you choose moisturizer according to your skin type then there will be no problem. Gel-based moisturizers are good for oily skin.

  • Myth 3: No need to apply sunscreen lotion after applying a moisturizer with SPF.

          Fact: Make your habit to apply sunscreen even if you have used a moisturizer with SPF. Moisturizer cannot replace sunscreen lotion.

  • Myth 4: Apply moisturizer once in a day.

          Fact: You have to apply moisturizer two times a day for better skin. Apply it after taking bath in the morning ( or whenever you feel your skin gets dry) and before going to bed after cleansing and toning.

  • Myth 5: Moisturizer should be thick.

          Fact: No, moisturizers come in many formulations like in cream, gel and lotion form. Thick moisturizers are meant for extremely dry skin. But if you have oily skin then you have to pick gel-based moisturizer.

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