VLCC Matte Look Depigmentation Sun Screen Gel Creme Review SPF 30 PA+++ Review

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I have discovered VLCC products a few months ago and completely in love with this brand because VLCC provides products that are paraben free. As now I have been using VLCC products like face washes, sunscreen lotion etc. for some months but these did not harm my skin rather these products helps to rejuvenate my skin. That's why, I think, I have to write a review of VLCC products.
So, today I am going to review VLCC Matte Look Depigmentation Sunscreen Gel Creme SPF 30 PA+++ which I bought recently and using it for approximately 15 days. I will also write reviews of other products of this brand in the coming days. 

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vlcc matte look depigmenatation sun screen gel creme review SPf 30 PA+++ Review


  1. This is not a sponsored review. I have purchased this VLCC Sunscreen lotion by myself and all the thoughts about this are my own.
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About VLCC: VLCC provides beauty and health(weight loss) services. It is founded by Mrs Vandana Luthra in 1989. VLCC is now expanded to four main business wings - Wellness, Personal Care Products, Vanity Cube and Institute. VLCC also won many awards in the field of beauty and wellness. Most of the products of VLCC are paraben free.
Packaging: VLCC sunscreen gel creme comes in a yellow coloured tube with a flip cap. This cap is tight enough to avoid the spillage of creme. The cap closed quickly with a sound that ensures that the cap is locked properly. As per my opinion, this tube is a travel-friendly and if you want to extra sure about leakage then you can wrap cello tape around the closing area of the tube. Furthermore, the hole of the tube is wide enough to give you an appropriate amount of creme for a single application on face as well as neck.

vlcc matte look depigmenatation sun screen gel creme review SPf 30 PA+++ Review
The flip cap of a tube

Ingredients: VLCC Matte Look Depigmentation Sunscreen Gel Creme contains Aqua, Glycerine, Olive oil, Butyle Methane, Aloe barbadensis extract, Carrot extract, Cucumber extract, Olive extract and Grape extract etc. You can see all the ingredients in the picture below  πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡:

vlcc matte look depigmenatation sun screen gel creme review SPf 30 PA+++ Review
Ingredients mentioned on tube

Price: This sunscreen gel creme costs you Rs.195 for 50 gm and Rs. 295 for 100g.

Shelf Life: It comes with 3 years of shelf life. It means you can use this gell creme for 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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Texture: Coming to its texture, it didn't disappoint me. The texture is very creamy and of light sandal coloured. This VLCC Matte Look Depigmentation Sunscreen Gel Creme has also a very pleasant smell. Creme spread very easily on the skin and also absorbs quickly. But, this gel creme is not fully non-sticky.

vlcc matte look depigmenatation sun screen gel creme review SPf 30 PA+++ Review
The texture of Gel Creme
vlcc matte look depigmenatation sun screen gel creme review SPf 30 PA+++ Review
Creamy texture

Directions to use: Apply this Matte Look Depigmentation Sunscreen Gel Creme evenly on the face and neck or even on those areas of your body that are exposed to sunlight, 15-20 minutes before sun exposer. Reapply it frequently, usually after 3 to 4 hours, especially for a long duration to sun exposure.

What it claims: This sunscreen gel-creme with SPF 30 PA+++ claims that it is a non-greasy, tinted formulation that blends easily with the skin tone. It further claims that it protects the skin against premature ageing & tanning. It works to reduce skin pigmentation and tanning leaving skin looking fresh and even toned.

My experience: I am totally in love with this product because it does not make my face oilier, one shade dark, and as sweaty as other sunscreens do. I also like the smell of this gel-creme. After using it for approximately 15 days, I feel that my pimple scars are fading day by day. One thing that disappointed me about this product is that I feel a little bit stickiness on the face and neck after its application.

  • Paraben-free.
  • Ayurvedic product full of natural ingredients extracts.
  •  Has SPF 30 PA+++.
  • Blends easily.
  • A very small amount is needed for one application.
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth.
  • Does not give any break-outs.
  • Skin does not get tanned after applying it.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Not so costly.
  • Not fully non-sticky.
Will I purchase again?: Definitely, I will go for buying it without any second thought unless I will not find any substitute for it because it is helping to lighten the scars on my face and most importantly, it is a paraben free ayurvedic product with full of natural extracts that will not harm my skin.

Will I recommend it?: This product suits all skin types whether it is oily, combination or dry. If your body most exposed to the sun due to your work then you will definitely go for it. This VLCC Matte Look Depigmentation Sunscreen Gel Creme will not disappoint you.

Availability: You can find this product online like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and it is also available in the local market.

You can also buy this sunscreen gel creme by clicking the links below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡:


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  1. While I don't suffer from hyper pigmentation, I think this would be a life saver to those that do