How to Reduce Sugar Intake Gradually

As you know that sugar is bad for you because excessive intake of sugar causes type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease. So, it is good to eat less sugar if you can. 25 grams(6 teaspoons) of sugar is recommended for females and 37 gram(9 teaspoons) is recommended for males. But normally a person eats more sugar than this recommendation. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statics, "an average Australian consumes 60 grams of sugar per day that is equal to 14 teaspoons of white sugar." And it is above the WHO's recommendations of healthy levels of six teaspoons for women and nine teaspoons for men per day.

It is not possible and healthy to completely cut sugar from the diet. But, it can be reduced and there are also healthy alternatives available to choose from. Here are some tips by which you can reduce your sugar intake and will help to lessen your sugar craving as well.

How to Reduce Sugar Intake Gradually

Cut Amount of Sugar:

This is the best way to reduce sugar consumption. You have to reduce sugar intake each day. For example, If you eat 8 teaspoons of sugar daily then you would take seven and a half teaspoons on very next day and reduce half teaspoon more after two or three days. In this way, it would be easy for you to lessen the amount of sugar you intake and your body also starts to adopt this habit.

Add Fruits to Your Oatmeal or Cereals:

Fruits contain natural sweetness which is harmless to our body. Try to add some fruits (like apple, banana, blueberries or strawberries) to your breakfast instead of processed sugar. These fruits not only make your cereals/oatmeal sweeter but also enhance its taste.

Avoid to Drink Soda:

Soda and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and other preservatives that are harmful to the body. Keep an eye on the amount of soda you drink. Every time you consume soft drinks, you absorb empty calories that have nothing to do with good health. Drink water, lemon water, and tea or coffee but without sugar. These drinks make your appetite full and also beneficial for your health.

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Keep an Eye on Food Labels:

Buy your grocery with care. Always check the label of a food item. This will give you an idea about how much sugar is in that item. Avoid those packed foods that contain a huge quantity of sugar. Food labels also give you information about the additives you are allergic to. In spite of it, you can get information about other nutrients from labels.

Eat more Protein:

Protein decreases your appetite and keeps you full for a longer time as opposed to sugar which makes you feel hungry. Therefore, eat more protein and fat(which is also high in energy). These two suppress your sugar craving because when you feel full, you don't eat quick hunger fix sugar.

Make it visible:

This trick proved very beneficial to me when I tried to reduce my sugar intake. It is very tough to break a habit when that habit is with you for many years. Same is the case when you are trying to cut sugar. You may forget about not to eat much sugar. Here this tip comes in action. Get a no sugar poster and paste it on your wall and also apply no sugar wallpaper on your phone screen. This will remember you to not eat sugar.

Use these mentioned tips to reduce your sugar intake gradually and see the results. If you like this post then please give it a thumbs up and comment below how you overcome this bad habit of yours. Xoxo...❤️️❤️️❤️️


How to Reduce Sugar Intake Gradually

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