How To Be Happy And Positive All The Time

It seems to be tough to be happy and positive all the time especially in this contemporary world. All of us living with a very hectic schedule - from handling our work to our home & also taking care of our family. Therefore, we forget about our own happiness and wellbeing. 

Do you also take happiness as a big question in your life ??? But believe me, it is not as big as you think. Very small changes can make you a positive and happy person. You can have to make those changes your habits and will feel that your life become happier than ever before. Just follow the tips I am going to tell you to bring happiness in your life. 

How To Be Happy And Positive All The Time

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1. Wake Up Early: 

the early morning has gold in its mouth - Benjamin Franklin

Waking up early rejuvenate you with new energy. When you wake up early between 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. then you will get more time on a particular day. You can easily finish most of your tasks. In spite of it, you can concentrate more in the morning because of less or no noise around you. And when you complete your work more efficiently, you will feel happiness and positivity inside you. 

2. Smile More: I know it is tough to smile when you are sad but believe me, it works. There is a scientific reason behind it. Smiling causes the brain to release dopamine which makes a person happier. So, whenever you feel sad, try to smile. You can watch any comedy movie or show to make you laugh.

3. Excercise: Excercise reduces stress, symptoms of depression and feeling of anxiety. Exercise daily if you want to be a happy and positive person. I am not telling you to do extreme heavy workouts. Only breathing exercises are enough for changing the mood. You can also walk daily. Set a goal of daily steps and complete that goal. You will experience how happy you feel when you complete your goal.

4. Get a Good Hour of Sleep: A good sleep has many benefits for you and prevents many diseases like it prevents type 2 diabetes, heart stroke and also affects social and emotional interactions as well as reduces depression. When it comes to the amount of sleep then it does not matter how many hours you sleep. 5 hours of restful sleep is enough as compared to 8 hours of restless sleep.

5. Meet Friends & Relatives: Set a get together with your kith and kins once in a month. In this way, you can spend quality time with your loving ones. You can share your problems with them and take advantage of your suggestions. You can also plan an outdoor trip with your friends. This will fill you with new happiness. If you are too busy in your work or life then at least text them.

6. Give compliments to others: Praise any beautiful thing around you. This act of kindness can give you more satisfaction. Do not hesitate to compliment the beauty of people. I personally talk to plants when no human being is around me. I praise the working of plants as I talked to them and show my gratitude towards them. This makes me happy and to the plants too.

7. Gratitude: Gratitude gives the feeling of happiness, hope, and positivity. Say thank you to whatever you get in your daily life. When you learn to practice gratitude, you will see how sadness and troubles pass away from you. I have learned from  "The Secret" book that we have to start saying thank you God or Universe after waking up without no reason. And It worked guys... I feel more energetic and happy after adopting this habit.

8. Declutter: Declutter makes you calmer. A person can feel scattered and anxious after seeing things that are out of order. Decluttering is also a sort of physical activity and gives you benefits of a workout. Your energy level spikes up when you live in a clean place. This improves your happiness level.

9. Meditate: I have read a book namely "The Effortless Mind" in July 2019. After reading this book I came to know about the enormous benefits of meditation. I do meditate before for 10 to 20 minutes daily but don't know how good it is for humans. Most people take meditation as a spiritual activity. It is,,, but no one can deny it's physical and emotional advantages. It controls stress hormone cortisol - Which triggers stress in humans, reduces anxiety, promotes emotional health, increases self-awareness, helps in good sleep, enhances concentration, generates kindness and many more. In this way, meditation can be very helpful to make you happy and positive all the time.

10. Journaling: Journaling is the best way to bring your feelings out. Try to write every thought (how good or bad it is) on a notebook. Some people journal in the morning or some at night before going to bed. choose your time and write each and every thought that comes into your mind. Extract all your frustration. It does not matter how many pages you write in one sitting, write as much as you feel relieved. If you afraid someone will read your pages then burn those after writing. The main motive of the journal should be to bring your thoughts out not to keep it for a lifetime. I personally use an app because it is easy for me to journal when I am not at my home. I usually write in my journal:

  • Positive and negative things that happened in the whole day.
  • Some affirmation.
  • My gratitude toward the universe.

11. Pamper Yourself:
Last but not the least pamper yourself not when you feel sad or demotivated but whenever you get time. Try a new dress, make your nails, scrub your face, etc. These activities will fill you with new energy. Don't store new clothes and things for a special occasion. Every day is an occasion, get ready and enjoy your each and every day to fullest.

Tell me what do you do to keep yourself happy and positive. My favorite actions are meditation, journaling, and gratitude. If you like this post then gives it a thumbs up. 

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How To Be Happy And Positive All The Time


  1. These are great tips. I try to always be happy and positive.

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  5. A wise person once said that when you replace “why is this happening to me” with “what is this trying to teach me” then everything changes. Which I think is exactly where your tips take me too. Life isn’t perfect, but something great can come out of even the worst situations. This is my favorite read today.

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