How to Get Over a Breakup

There may be many reasons behind a relationship breakup. No one can blame others, breakups happened because things don't work well. Whatever the reason behind a breakup but it sucks. It hurts a lot when you lose someone to whom you love and care from the core of your hurts. Some people go into depression or lose their appetite due to a relationship breakup.

It is ok to be sad, angry and frustrated after a breakup. Some people feel that their world ends and nothing will be fine in life While others want to get over a breakup as quickly as possible. But remember it takes time. There are many ways that help you to come over a breakup. Believe that you will feel good again and life doesn't end with the absence of one person.

How to Get Over a Breakup

Do Not Talk to Everyone: People usually start sharing their pain with everyone after a breakup. If you also do this then stop it because it doesn't give you relief from that pain. When you talk to everyone about your ex, the relationship with him/her or how things got down between both of you, Believe me, you will always be stuck in the same situation. No one wants the same pain again and again and you too. So, stop doing it right now. I know you feel relaxed after sharing your emotions with others but what is the benefit of short-time relaxation. Another thing is that not everyone is your good wisher. If you really want to talk about this matter then choose your near and dear ones but do not try to talk to them on breakup topic again and again.

Get a Hobby: If you have a hobby then it makes you busy and fills you with new positive energy. If you don't have a hobby then get one. Pet an animal, join yoga classes or get a gym membership, and read a book, etc. Choose a hobby you like and indulge yourself into that deeply. you will see you forget your pain with time

Work on Yourself: Don't lose yourself. Life does not end after a breakup. Try to take care of yourself. Find a new you. Improve yourself physically and mentally. Read more books to increase your knowledge or meditate to keep you calm. Do everything you always wanted to do. 

Delete Your Ex's Contact Numbers: Deleting his/her contact number helps you to get out of it a little bit easier. It is common when a person suffers from breakup he constantly messages or calls his ex. This makes the situation even worse because he/she will not speak to you politely when you beg him/her to keep the relationship. So, don't try to fool yourself by doing silly things. Just be brave to delete all his/her contacts, move on.

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Do Not Spy Your Ex on Social Media: This is similar to the previous one. Never ever spy your ex on social media after a relationship breakup. He/she will surely be happy without you and you too don't want to be sad after seeing him/her enjoy life. But don't block your ex. Your ex will definitely check your social media profile. Shock him/her with your happy life updates on social media. 

Write a Mail To Your Ex: Yes, you have read it right. Write a mail to your ex but don't send it. In your mail, get your all frustration out. Write about what you want to tell him. Show your anger in your mail. But take care not to press the send button hahaha. You will see, you feel very relieved after doing this.

Go on Vacations: Make a plan with your friends or siblings to go on vacation. When you always stay in your room, lying on the bed then your relationship memories will keep coming despite your efforts to push them away from you. Sometimes changing the environment will change everything. So, go somewhere you want to go and enjoy there. It will definitely help you to get rid of grief.

Have Patience: Last but not least, have patience. It will take time. Memories take time to fade. Do not be hard on yourself to forget your ex. Your ex was not made for you that is why you broke up. Believe in the universe. Universe has store something better for you.

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How to Get Over a Breakup

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  1. Getting a hobby is nice. It is those times you know more of yourself and discover things you really like and appreciate.